Black Bear 2007
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It begins with notification from the State of Minnesota
Last years patch for eliminating one of the filthy stubby tailed rats
As you can see the bear was 4 years old. Since the cubs are born in January or
February I think...wonder if they mean my bear was 3.5 years or 4.5 years old?
June 2007 - Starting to stock up on bear bait. Sara got me a membership at Sam's
Club for Fathers Day. Will take a visit and see what is cheap. I did find a gallon of
pancake syrup at Walmart going for under $6.00 which is a good price.
Have 2 months to gather up goodies. My donut supplier from last year is still in the
business which is good. I wish I had a small freezer just for the donuts.

The plan to use the KLR 650 motorcycle for baiting is still a go I hope. The chain
needs some adjustment I'll tackle this weekend. Usually when they stretch though it's
time for a new one plus sprockets. Hope to make it through the season with it. The
game plan was to take all the bait up except the donuts and store it at up
on bike and backpack out the stuff. At 50mpg the bike is only $30.00 for a bait run
versus $100.00 with the truck.

Ordered new peep sights for the Browning BLR. Took a couple bear? with that gun
before and might do it again this year. I really wanted to take Yogi with the M1 Garand
but I just can't get a straight answer from anyone about the receiver. I removed the
gas plug turning it into a single shot and conceivably it should be able to handle the
heavy bullets with max powder loads but only one individual on the Internet seems to
think so. Most are saying NO. The bullet I want to use is a Nosler Partition 200 grain
pumped to the max with IMR4350 powder.
BLR 30-06 bear using an Aimpoint scope
I walked up on it in the bait station. Over the years  I can recall walking up on 4 different
bear. The crows should have alerted him. I remember shaking my fist at them.
August 2007- Well I have 5 freezers full of donuts courtesy of Sara as my birthday
gift. I sighted in the two major rifles last month which will be the Rem 700 ADL in
30-06 using Nosler Partition 200 grain bullets and the NEF single shot 30-06 using
Sierra 220 grain RN bullets. I'm disappointed in not being to use the BLR 30-06 but I
had problems installing the new peep sights in time.
I was not successful this year, although, I did walk in on a bear in the bait station. I needed
another 60 seconds to get into a better shooting position but Yogi was done eating and never
returned. There were problems with bait burn out and I have serious questions about the wind
at (Ron's Stand #1).

Anyway here's some of the highlights of the hunt.
8/13/07 Monday
4:30 p.m. +70 degrees. Coming in on the "wartbike" to set up for bear baiting ran into
Corky up by his gravel pit turning around with his backhoe. I had my helmet on with the
full face mask and motioned to get by him. He emphatically shook his head "NO"
disgustedly, and climbed down. I thought to myself, "Hmmmm...wonder if he knows it's

I took the helmet off and he gave a start when he realized it was me. Haaaaaa...he was
going to run me off. We both laughed.
I had a pair of pine martens visiting my bait but, unfortunately, I just couldn't get a decent picture.
They would wait until sundown to appear when the camera was at it's limit for low light usage.   
The Hunt...Part 2
The odds were against me but I hated to give up. I drove up on the "wartbike"
A rare opportunity for a sunrise moon in the western sky probably cost me my bear. The
bear was just leaving when I got out there and if I only had an extra 60 seconds I'm sure
I would have gotten it.